Dan Joines
Max Chater

Our Story

Vault Aperitivo is a modern aperitivo distillery specialising in vermouth and botanical aperitif led spirits.


Vault was originally founded by Dan & Sharon Joines as Vault Vermouth in 2018, starting life in Sorella, a cosy neighbourhood Italian restaurant in London which Dan co-founded in 2018.


Vault was inspired by multiple trips across Europe and a love for aperitivo and the aperitif, something we just don't do right in the UK.


In early 2022 Maire & Max Chater (previously founders of Victory London Distillery) joined Vault Aperitivo as partners, bringing a wealth of experience and a shared passion for all things aperitivo.

Our next chapter begins now. A new name, a new image, a new range of beautiful products and a stunning new space to tell our story.