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In Focus: Forest Vermouth - "Nettle & Pine"

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Forest - Red Vermouth - "Nettle & Pine"

Our vibrant, bittersweet & complex red vermouth.

The base recipe is an infusion of Douglas fir, nettle, wormwood, cinchona, gentian, kola nut, orange, cassia, rhubarb root, blackberry leaf, sage, rosemary & bay. This infusion is then blended with a base white wine of English Bacchus & an Organic red Castelao from Lisbon (a grape that loves to be fortified and is often used for port.)

A final stage of fortification comes from a splash of Apple Bouse - an eau de vie from Essex distilled from Opal Apple Cider and aged in French red wine barrels made from Trombais Oak - produced by farmer Pete Thompson who also supplies us with stunning fresh botanicals such as the calamondin orange and Meyer lemon we use in our gin.

A further selection of fresh botanicals are added to the vermouth at the final stages, including Scots pine, rosemary, fresh orange peel and tonka bean. The vermouth is then gently sweetened with demerara.

The result is a bright and vibrant sweet vermouth, with a long complex and herbaceous bitter finish.

There are so many ways to enjoy this vermouth: straight over ice with rosemary and orange, or topped with a splash of soda; tall in an Americano with our Bitter; with a great Bourbon or Rye for a beautiful Manhattan; or of course in a classic negroni.

Forest - Red Vermouth - "Nettle & Pine" - 16.6% alc vol

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