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A stunning expression of extra virgin olive oil, in collaboration with Two Fields.



A bottle of EVOO vodka (70cl / 48.6% vol)

A bottle of Two Fields Batch Five Olive Oil (50cl)

A 10ml glass stopper bottle of the EVOO we used for distillation, to garnish a perfect martini.


SOLD OUT and now taking pre-orders. Batch 2 shipping From July 3rd.

Vault x Two Fields EVOO Vodka Set

Batch 2. Shipping From July 3rd.
  • Vault x Two Fields - EVOO Vodka


    A very special limited release.


    We originally developed an olive oil vodka exclusively for the team at the prolific Three Sheets Bar in Dalston back in 2018. We're now bringing it back as a special limited release for World Martini Day with our friends at Two Fields.


    We’ve blended equal parts of Two Field’s batch 5 olive oil with British grain for a week long maceration, before gently distilling at 40 degrees.


    This cold distillation allows us to slowly extract all of the beautiful qualities of the olive oil and capture them in this very special premium spirit; green, fruity and peppery with a stunning full bodied mouth feel reminiscent of the olive oil itself.


    Included with every bottle is a 10ml glass stopper bottle of the EVOO we used for distillation; still bright, clean and unspoiled due to being cold distilled, and a perfect garnish dropped on top of a martini.


    Bottled at 48.6% and a martini lovers dream - this is a premium, unique and incredibly complex spirit that simply must be tried to be fully understood.



    A Perfect Serve


    7:1 Dry Martini

    10ml Coastal Dry Vermouth

    70ml Vault x Two Fields EVOO vodka


    Enjoy as a dry or naked martini, stirred down over plenty of ice with a drop of Coastal Vermouth (or without vermouth entirely) and garnished with an olive (or three.)



    Two Fields


    Two Fields produce small batches of extra virgin olive oil as a community collective. They teach regenerative farming on the ground, helping local small scale farming families get fair, secure livelihoods while working with the best restaurants in London.


    Hand picked and cold pressed, this stunning Koroneiki olive oil is vibrant and fruity with a peppery finish. It’s a celebration of quality, craft and community.

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