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Our Story

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Vault Aperitivo is a modern aperitivo distillery specialising in vermouth and botanical aperitif led spirits.


Vault was originally founded by Dan Joines as Vault Vermouth in 2018, starting life in Sorella, a cosy neighbourhood Italian restaurant in London which Dan co-founded in 2018.


Vault was inspired by multiple trips across Europe and a love for aperitivo and the aperitif, something we just don't do right in the UK.


In early 2022 Maire & Max Chater (previously founders of Victory London Distillery) joined Vault to relaunch as Vault Aperitivo, pooling together the teams experience and shared love for all things aperitivo.

In August 2022 the team launched Chater's, a cafe and aperitivo bar in Saffron Walden, with the distillery located right next door.

A bustling space, theres always something going on, from specialty coffee and homemade bakes in the morning, afternoon aperitivo, daily fresh pasta for lunch and dinner and the buzz of a busy distillery next door.

You can find out more about Chater's here.

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