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The Stopper

Glass stoppers made from recycled glass which are endlessly reusable and recyclable.

Commitment to Sustainability

We're on a journey to build a forward thinking, responsible and environmentally conscious business. This starts with the sustainable sourcing of everything we use from ingredients to packaging, and the values our suppliers hold.


Vault Aperitivo is a cold distillery; the spirits are distilled under vacuum which means we eliminate the use of heavy-duty heating elements to boil liquids and the use of excessive amounts of water to cool condensers. The vermouths and aperitivo range are all cold infused using time and quality ingredients as opposed to heating.


We minimise waste as much as possible. When we use fresh fruit peels, we dehydrate the rest of the remaining fruit for infusions or cocktail garnishes. When we pick fresh herbs we hang what’s left over to dry out for future use.

Our focus now will be on designing our new distillery to be as energy efficient as possible, exploring larger formats on tap, and re-introducing refills for our bottles out in the wild.

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