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Gin - Calamondin Leaf & Orange Thyme

(Refill Can)


43.6% abv | 70cl

Gin - Calamondin Leaf & Orange Thyme - Refill Can



    A cold distilled British citrus gin. Exclusively made with freshly picked botanicals from Brook Farm in Essex. British wheat spirit is infused with a variety of citrus leaves, cardamom leaf, calamondin fruit, and unique herbs including orange thyme and ginger rosemary. All of the botanicals are picked and macerated on the same day. After 24 hours the infusion is distilled under vacuum at 45°C to preserve botanical freshness.


    Stunning as a tall herbaceous aperitif with tonic and thyme. This gin also sits perfectly in a Vault Negroni, made with equal parts of Vault Gin, Bitter and Forest Vermouth.

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