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Manteca x Vault Amaro


29% alc vol | 70cl

Manteca Amaro

  • Manteca x Vault Amaro


    A modern interpretation, inspired by classic Italian Amari.


    In development since early summer, we’re delighted to introduce our latest project, an amaro made in collaboration with Manteca restaurant.


    The base recipe is a blend of multiple hand foraged infusions prepared throughout the year, including green walnut, acorn, fig leaf, cacao, mint & rosemary.


    After combining and integrating the key infusions for a number of weeks, the amaro has been gently sweetened with sugar and further fortified with a generous splash of Apple Bouse. This is an eau de vie from Essex distilled from Opal Apple Cider and aged in French red wine barrels made from Trombais Oak – produced by friend and farmer Pete Thompson. The Bouse brings a subtle baked toffee apple quality.


    The result is a beautifully rounded digestivo; bitter, sweet and fragrant with notes of chocolate, vanilla, coffee and spice, with a gentle aromatic and herbaceous finish. Unfiltered.


    We have an extremely limited number of these online so grab one now and stick it under the tree ready for Christmas Day.

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