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In Focus: Bitter - "Rosemary & Orange"

Updated: Apr 9

Bitter - "Rosemary & Orange"

A modern aperitivo.

The base recipe is an infusion of several key botanicals and fruits including orange peel, gentian, fig and oregano. This base is complimented with a fresh infusion of garden herbs including sage, rosemary and thyme, and finished with English wine and minimal sugar.

The beautiful and distinctive red colour is achieved naturally through the infusion of hibiscus flowers.

The result is a bold and vibrant botanical spirit that's full of character showcasing perfect balance between bitterness, acidity and sweetness. It's an absolute joy to drink.

A quintessential aperitif, Bitter is delicious on it's own over plenty of ice with fresh orange peel or a sprig of rosemary. It's also really versatile and perfect as the bitter in classic cocktails such as a spritz or negroni.


Bitter - "Rosemary & Orange" - 29.6% alc vol

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