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In Focus: Vodka - "Chalk & Rain"

Updated: Apr 9

Vodka - "Chalk & Rain"

We source chalk from 66 meters below Saffron Grange Vineyard in Essex to create our true terroir vodka.

Saffron Grange is just 10 minutes from the distillery and based on

some of the most beautiful chalky land in England, formed from billions of minuscule sea creatures settling and compressing on the sea bed over millions of years. This mineral-rich chalk seam runs all the way from the vineyard in North West Essex, down through Sussex and into the renowned wine regions of Northern France.

The team at Saffron Grange have worked closely with environmental experts to create a 'chalk mound' full of wild flowers, encouraging endemic flora and insects, such as the Chalk Hill butterfly, to thrive on the land.

After carefully collecting the chalk, we distill it at 40 degrees to create a smooth, delicate and uniquely mineral vodka.

It's perfect in an ice cold vodka martini, made with Coastal Vermouth - "Champagne & Oysters", celebrating both the vodka and vermouth’s crisp minerality.

Vodka - "Chalk & Rain" - 41.6% alc vol

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