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In Focus: Meadow Vermouth - "Honey & Dandelion"

Updated: Apr 9

Meadow - White Vermouth - "Honey & Dandelion"

Our floral & herbaceous white vermouth.

The base recipe is a gentle infusion of dandelion root, burdock, meadowsweet, lemon verbena, orange peel, liquorice root, linden flowers, meadow hay, cinchona, fennel seed, bay, ginger, coriander seed, chamomile, pink peppercorn, juniper & wormwood. This infusion is then used to fortify a base white wine of English Bacchus.

Once blended, fresh botanicals are added for the final stages of infusion, including Amalfi lemon (both peel and leaves), plenty of thyme & meadowsweet flowers.

Lastly, the vermouth is sweetened with stunning English wildflower honey from Northumberland Honey Co; set up by beekeeping-and-mead-making husband and wife team Luke & Suzie, who are passionately focused on safeguarding the future of the honey bee.

The result is a gently honeyed, fresh & botanical vermouth with a floral and subtle beeswax quality. It's delicious simply as it is sipped over ice, or tall with tonic for the perfect V&T.

Meadow - White Vermouth - "Honey & Dandelion" - 16.6% alc vol

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