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In Focus: Coastal Vermouth - "Champagne & Oysters"

Updated: Apr 9

Coastal - Dry Vermouth - "Champagne & Oysters"

A dry, crisp and mineral vermouth.

The base recipe is an infusion of oyster shell, pepper dulse, sea sprigs, apple leaf, nettle, rose hip, pine, olive leaf, green coffee, wormwood and rhubarb. This infusion is then blended with a base wine of English Bacchus and a further steep of fresh botanicals including rock samphire, sea purslane, salty fingers, sea spaghetti and Amalfi lemon peel.

The nostalgic sea air scent of the British coast on the nose that's equally as crisp and inviting on the palate.

Best straight over ice to enjoy its fresh oyster minerality and bracing clean acidity, or tall with tonic for a long refreshing highball. It also shines brightly in a dry vodka martini.

Coastal - Dry Vermouth - "Champagne & Oysters" - 17.6% alc vol

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